WLE on Wikimania

During the Wikimania annual conference, an audience could attend and listen to a session called “Wiki Loves Earth — 10 years of experience” by Olesia Lukaniuk, Project Manager of the contest.🌳

During the speech, there was an opportunity to share with the listeners a summary of the results of the international photo contest “Wiki Loves Earth” for 10 years of its existence. And also inform about the current state of the competition and important updates.

Some of the local teams also shared their perspective and experience in organizing the competition in a video.

After the session, all in-person attendees had the opportunity to receive WLE-branded souvenirs. We are grateful for this opportunity to spread awareness about Wiki Loves Earth with the international community and engage more people to contribute to a natural heritage!💚

You can watch the recorded session here with a timecode 1:20:30👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zB7S9lEa0&t=4835s…

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