The contest is starting very soon, and this message is for those who are still hesitating: to join or not to join?🤔

You still have time to contribute! Already, 37 countries are in the active stage of the preparation, and you can be the next one!

Check the list of participating countries here:…/Participating_countries

🌊A reminder that you need some of the criteria to start the contest:

– Team of volunteers with clear roles and timelines;

– Defining eligible natural sites (must be officially protected);

– Preparing a landing page for the local contest;

– Promotion of the contest in social networks;

– Jury to evaluate the photos (select top-15 local winners for an international contest);

– Awards for your winners.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the international team anytime at

Don’t hesitate to make your unique contribution to the Earth’s heritage!🌳

We are waiting for your participation!

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Join the new initiative: Heritage Guard Network!

Dear WLE community!

We are pleased to introduce you to a new initiative that aims to protect endangered natural and cultural heritage.

🤝🗣 Heritage Guard Network (HGN): Empowering Communities to Safeguard Cultural and Natural Treasures through Crowdsourced Digital Efforts aims to create long-term, sustainable networks that compile, build, and share best practices for successfully crowdsourcing data and information on cultural and natural heritage in danger.

HGN brings together formal project partners, all of which are independently registered national NGOs recognized as national representatives of the international Wikimedia movement. These include Wikimedia Sweden (Technology & Content), Wikimedia Poland (Engagement), Wikimedia UG Georgia (Legal), and Wikimedia Ukraine (Risk), alongside two Hub initiatives, the Content Partnerships Hub and the Central and Eastern European Hub.

These entities share a common mission through the project and will exchange knowledge and experience, primarily through online workshops and conferences.

📌Read more about this initiative here:…/a-new-initiative-aims-to…/

We invite all interested volunteers and experts, including representatives of cultural institutions, to join our soon-to-be-launched brainstorming meetings.

📝If you are interested in joining a working group, according to your interests and expertise, you can show interest by contacting us at

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Join WLE in 2024!

Are you the one who consistently questioned: Why is my country not on the list of participating countries for Wiki Loves Earth?🧐

That’s precisely the time to fix it and organize a local WLE yourself!

Already, 21 countries have decided to join WLE in 2024, and we also want to see your country on the list!

Check the list of participating countries and hurry up to put there yours:…/Participating_countries

🌎Don’t have experience in organizing the contest?

That’s not a problem! Text us at, and we’ll send you a detailed guide and help you with your steps.

📌Check the criteria to start the contest:…/Commons:Wiki…/Organise

Don’t hesitate to make your unique contribution to the Earth’s heritage!🌳

We are waiting for your participation!

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