Wiki Loves Earth — an international photo contest devoted to natural monuments

Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photographic competition held throughout May and June. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage in their countries and upload them to Wikimedia Commons, a sister project of Wikipedia. In 2019, the contest was held for the 7th time.

In each country, the contest is organized by separate local teams. This year, 37 countries participated. The contest runs throughout May 1 – June 30, with different dates for each country. Check Participating countries to learn whether & when your country took part. See also detailed rules and FAQ, as well as Blog for news and stories about the contest.

Every year participants compete for prizes on the local level (each local team determines their own rewards) and get a chance to win an award on the international level.  The overall winner gets a fully funded scholarship to attend Wikimania 2020 or an Amazon voucher for the same value; other international-level winners get Amazon vouchers as well.

Banded demoiselle hovering near a dandelion’s seedhead at Gülper See lake in Brandenburg, Germany. The overall winner of the contest of 2019. Photo by Sven Damerow, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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