Wiki Loves Earth 2015 – Rules

The set of rules for the international part of the Wiki Loves Earth 2015 contest.

To take part in Wiki Loves Earth contest, a submission should:

  • Be self taken
    All entries must be original photographs uploaded by their authors. Photos uploaded by anyone else than author (even with permission) are not accepted.
  • Be self uploaded during the contest period (May 2015);
    You are also welcome to submit photos you may have taken in the past. What matters is that photos must be uploaded during the contest period (1st May — 31st May)
  • Be under a free license;
  • Contain an identified natural monument / natural park / protected area etc.;
    Lists of eligible sites are published by each participating country.
  • Be nominated through a national contest;
  • Have at least 2Mpx.

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