How to shoot great photos for WLE?

Wiki Loves Earth is a photo competition. So it’s not a surprise that international jury will be judging participant’s photos. Some of our contestants are worried about the quality of images and their skills as  photographers.

Our first tip is – have fun and enjoy the nature and its landscapes.

Second of all – remember there is no wrong or right photo. It’s all about your vision. Don’t stress attentions on the fact whether your camera is professional enough or it’s not. Just feel it.

And for those of you who want to raise their professional photographer level, we’ve collect some video manuals “How to…”.

How do professionals shoot beautiful landscapes?

Moving water photography tips

Forest photography tips

Wildlife photography tips

This is just a small amount of what you can really learn about photography. We wish you good luck and inspiration and looking forward to see your works in less than a week;)

Please, note: All videos in the post have their own license and you can check the terms of use by opening the files.

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