Bulgaria has joined WLE 2015

Bulgaria joined WLE 2015. If you love Bulgarian nature and have some photos of it you are welcome to share it with us on “Wiki Loves Earth 2015 in Bulgaria” page.

Pirin landscape| by Kriso O’Conner – CC-BY-SA-4.0

Bulgaria has thousands of natural landmarks: nature parks, reserves, rivers, rock formations, lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls, caves. They are so many and so diverse that it is absolutely impossible to talk about all of them at once. Check the list of Bulgarian natural sights and reserves here.

Bezbog Lake and Bezbog hut, Pirin| by Kriso O’Conner – CC-BY-SA-4.0

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2 thoughts on “Bulgaria has joined WLE 2015”

  1. When we can expect the top 10 photos for the countries, which participate the contest? I just saw those from Pakistan and they are really inspiring and beautiful, so i’m curious about other top 10s.

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