What about Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine?

Ukraine has always been an active leader in the contest, often near the top of the list of countries by the number of local participants and photos. But unfortunately, this year, due to the full-scale Russian invasion, Wiki Loves Earth was not held in Ukraine.

Instead, Wikimedia Ukraine organized a campaign to illustrate Wikipedia and Wikidata articles with photos of Ukrainian nature uploaded to Wiki Loves Earth over the previous nine contest editions. The campaign was held from 5th July till 5th August.

Recently, organizers published the results of the campaign:

🌳13 volunteers took part in the Ukrainian Nature Illustration Month. As part of the campaign, they illustrated 718 articles on Ukrainian Wikipedia; in particular, they created 114 new articles. They also improved 510 items on Wikidata.

Participants of the competition will receive prizes and official certificates of participation from the NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, enjoy Ukrainian landscapes from the previous year’s competition, and stay tuned for the international results of Wiki Loves Earth this year!💚

One thought on “What about Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine?”

  1. Alliefste Ukraïnerinner*innetjes, volgens mij zijn jullie getoonde foto’s juist zo ‘lieflijk schoon’, omreden jullie harten in dit deel van de aarde tot in het diepst geroerd betekenisvol vervuld zijn van liefde. Ik leef ten diepste mee in jullie o zo gekwetste harten. Lieve groet van uit mijn hart! gerard scheerder Nederland

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