Photo contest winners in Morocco

Please welcome the winning pictures of Wiki Loves Earth in Morocco!

Morocco has participated in Wiki Loves Earth 2015 and around 1700+ pictures have been uploaded under creative commons license through this event. This year we received around 3 thousand photos and it’s just great! 19 are already recognized as quality images on Wikimedia Commons and more to come.

577 participants took part in the contest and almost all of them are newbies. We are happy to introduce new people into the wiki world 🙂 Lets work on using these images, we now have, in Wikipedia articles!

Ten best pictures of Morocco this year you see below. You are free to reuse them, but please mention the author and the license.

Wiki Loves Earth will continue in Morocco until June 7 !

Initially planned until May 31, the organizing committee of photography contest Wiki Loves Earth in Morocco, namely Wikimedia Morocco, announced that he decided to extend the duration of the contest for another week, so he closed the June 7. Given the large number of participants continues to grow and multiplying in a processive way uploaded photos.

Continue to add your photos to this link !

Merzouga Oases by Hamza ZIDANE. 1 May 2016 (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Prévue initialement jusqu’au 31 mai, le comité d’organisation du concours de photographie Wiki Loves Earth au Maroc, à savoir Wikimedia Morocco, a annoncé qu’il a décidé exceptionnellement de prolonger la durée du concours pour une autre semaine, ainsi il se clôtura le 7 juin prochain. Vu le grand nombre de participants qui ne cesse d’augmenter multipliant ainsi de manière processive les photos téléversées.

Continuez à ajouter vos photos via ce lien !

Lake in Ifrane by Mohammed-ali louanate. 12 May 2016 (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

مُقرر مبدئيا إلى غاية 31 مايو، أعلنت اللجنة المنظمة للمسابقة التصوير الفوتوغرافي ويكي تهوى الأرض في المغرب، ويكيميديا المغرب، أنها قررت استثنائيا تمديد فترة المسابقة لمدة أسبوع آخر، لتنتهي بذلك في 7 يونيو. نظرا للعدد الكبير من المشاركين الذي يتزايد مع الأيام، و الذي يرفع معه بشكل إضطرادي عدد الصور المشاركة

! واصلوا في إضافة صوركم على هذا الرابط

The lost land by Othmane.elam. 21 May 2016 (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

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As a part of the 9th edition of Morocco Web Awards, our photography contest has been selected in the digital event category.

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Deer of Sunset
Silhouettes of gazelles at sunset by Anass ERRIHANI // CC BY-SA 3.0
This image won the 1st prize in the national contest of Morocco in Wiki Loves Earth 2015