Hurry up to join!

Dear WLE organizer!
The contest is starting very soon and this message is for those, who are still hesitating: to join or not to join?🤔

You still have time! Already 32 countries are in the active stage of the preparation and you can be the next one!

Reminder, that you need some of the criteria to start the contest:

– Team of volunteers with clear roles and timelines;
– Defining eligible natural sites (must be officially protected);
– Preparing a landing page for the local contest;
– Promotion of the contest in social networks;
– Jury to evaluate the photos (select top-15 local winners for an international contest);
– Awards for your winners.

If you have any questions, please contact the international team at anytime!

Take time for the preparation and make your unique contribution to the Earth’s heritage!🌳

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