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Today we have only 12 countries that started «Wiki Loves Earth» 2014. Unfortunately, Greece isn’t in this list now, but we hope they will be there soon.

Ukraine is in the first place with 1996 photos. Austria has 1899 photos. The third place has 1885 photos. Here’re Spain&Andorra.

The other countries are in the following order:

4. Macedonia with 1259 photos

5. Germany (1102)

6. Armenia (858)

7. Brazil (533)

8. Nepal (251)

9. Azerbaijan (192)

10. Netherlands (180)

11. Ghana (91)

12. Estonia (78).

Some beautiful photos from this year contest:

Artificial lake Mladost , Veles, Macedonia. Author: Bijonse
Aragats mountain, Aragatsotn, Armenia. Author: Alexander Mkhitaryan B
Cataratas – Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. Author: Rodrigo28
The view of the Himalaya seen from Phoolbari Village, Nepal. Author: Skrissh2013
Azerbaijan. Author: Alikooo.
Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, Netherlands. Author: Bnms
Mountain Afadjato, Ghana. Author: General DeLa Rey
Oru Landscape Protection, Estonia. Author: LeaRand

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One thought on “Contest’s statistics”

  1. I can’t believe Spain&Andorra are in the third place when just only a fifth of the land of Spain (catalan-speaking regions) are eligible for the contest. I hope next year we can send photos of whole Spain (along with Andorra). By now, I need to search for my old photographs of Valencia’s Albufera and Vall D’Arán, the only eligible sites of Spain I visited.

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