The Winning Photos from WLE Jordan 2018

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants!
This year was the first time Jordan was among participating countries.  Over the course of June, 45 participants uploaded 467 photos of protected areas in Jordan. 115 of the contestants were new participants.

 Viewing Area of Amman National Park. by Jeeda Ghazal

 White Wild Flowers. by Jeeda Ghazal

 Rum Valley. by Ibrahim nabeel salah

 Azraq Wetland Reserveby Ahmad Badwan

 Side of Dibbeen Reserve. by Jeeda Ghazal

  Azraq Wetland Reserve. by Ahmad Badwan

  Cedar Trees at Al Arz Natural Forest. by Ziad Abdullah

Dahek Desert. by Ibrahim nabeel salah

 Road From Little Petra to Wadi Araba. by Anastasia Pozdnyakova

 Spring Trees. by Aseel F Almanaseer

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