For all participating countries there are separate competitions organized by local teams, so periods, rules, prizes etc. might differ a bit. To take part in the international part of Wiki Loves Earth contest, a submission should:

  • Be self-taken;
    All entries must be original photographs uploaded by their authors. Photos uploaded by anyone else than the author (even with permission) are not accepted.
  • Be self-uploaded during the contest period (May-July 2020);
    You are also welcome to submit photos you may have taken in the past. What matters is that photos must be uploaded during the contest period (in May-July 2020, exact dates listed on the contest page)
  • Be under a free license;
  • Contain an identified natural monument / natural park / protected area etc.;
    Lists of eligible sites are published by each participating country. Photos of representative species (animals, plants etc.) taken in an eligible site also qualify if they are properly identified;
    Photos should include coordinates.
  • Be nominated through a national contest;
  • Have at least 2Mpx;
    Photos under 2Mpx can be accepted in local contests, but should such photo be nominated for the international partб the author will have to upload the photo in a higher resolution, or the photo will be disqualified.


A participant should have an activated e-mail address via Preferences of their account.


The rules can be adapted via the international team if need be.

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  1. Participating communities organise national contests, e.g. Australia ( You can find a list of all participating countries at By uploading images from a country you participate in their national contest. Then national juries choose the ten best photos for each country and submit them for the international contest. There are prizes in some of the national contests and there are international prizes.

    1. It means that you need to upload pictures through an upload form made for your country. Then the pictures of this country will be evaluated by local jury who will choose 10 best of them. Only then will start an international round of the contest where only these best photos (10 from each participating country) will compete.

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