Best photos of Wiki Loves Earth are chosen by an independent panel of jury members of photographers and Wikimedians from across the world. Members of the jury are listed on this page.


The list is not complete yet; the organizing team will be updating this section.
Mher Bekaryan (Beko)
Mher Bekaryan is a designer with 15-years of experience and the experience of drawingKnown as Beko on Wikimedia projects, he is a Coordinator of Armenian GLAM-wiki projects, where he frequently deals with photography. In his volunteer Wikimedia capacity, he promotes photographing among members of the Armenian wiki-community and contributes to organizing Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) in Armenia. In 2017, he was a member of Norwegian WLM jury.
Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy is a wildlife photographer. Based in Chennai, she has been dubbed “first Indian woman to strike an international reputation as a wildlife photographer”. Rathika focuses on photographing birds, and she is notable for her photos from various national parks in India and other countries.
Rathika frequently participates in wildlife exhibitions, as well as conducts workshops on wildlife photography. Among other awards, Rathika received the International Camera Fair (ICF) award for her excellence in wildlife photography in 2015. She had been a jury member for various national and international photography award competitions”.

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